Squamish Rampage Bouldering Comp. 2014

Tim Emmett visits Squamish Bouldering Competition 2014 from Katie Schaitel on Vimeo.

Squamish Rampage Bouldering Comp poster

Photo by Joshua Roth www.joshrothphoto.com

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Fellow Climbing Friends:

An outdoor bouldering competition has been long overdue since the last Petzl Roc Trip. The wait is finally over and SQUAMISH RAMPAGE is coming on August 24 Sunday!!!

VRCG and Climb and Conquer Society are bringing you an all day extravaganza to help raise money and get at-risk-youth into climbing. This event isn’t really about competing its about you and the rock. So why not do it in a beautiful setting with your friends cheering you on?

 Come crush some mega-classic problems, win draw prizes, make friends, chill…

$15 gets you your score card and if you sign up early by August 17 Sat, it gets you a free tank top too!

*All your admissions go to Climb and Conquer Society Canada (a Vancouver charity that teaches climbing to at-risk youth to help them build healthy self-esteem and leadership skills).

We are hand selecting the best problems underneath the shadow of the epic Stawamus Chief that will be suitable for anyone from the beginner to the ultimate rock crushers.

Registration & Costs: $15

– Early Bird (until August 17 Sunday) comes with a complimentary comp tank top. You will need to pay now to reserve tank top.


*NO WAIVER NO CLIMBING! If you are under 19, your parents/guardian would need to sign the waiver for you! DOWNLOAD HERE

*All proceeds go to Climb and Conquer (a Vancouver charity that teaches climbing to at-risk youth)


Start Time & Location:

10am – 5pm

Stawamus Chief upper parking lot grassfield (right beside the sign, picnic table and outhouse and the big blue pedestrian bridge)

*check in, sign waiver and pick up your score card 9:30 onwards.

NO WAIVER NO CLIMBING! If you are under 19, your parents/guardian would need to sign the waiver for you! DOWNLOAD HERE

*orientation starts at 9:45am

*submit score card by 5pm, prize giving at 6pm

Meeting Location

 Meetup location


Men- Beginner (V0-V2), Intermediate (V3-V6), Open (V7+), Masters (40+ age), Youth (age 0-18)

Women- Beginner (V0-V1), Intermediate (V2-V4), Open (V5+), Masters (40+ age), Youth (age 0-18)

*if you are in the youth category, you can choose either youth or other categories (e.g. beginner, intermediate, open), you don’t have to be restricted to youth. Same applies to masters category.


Comp. Format:

Your top 6 problems will be taken as your score and you must have 2 witnesses sign your scorecard. Also, please keep track of how many tries you had because that could affect your ranking in case there’s a tie. You’ll need the Squamish Bouldering Guide to navigate to the problems. Bring your own pad.

Comp Rules

  • Your top SIX (6) problems count towards your score.

  • You can climb problems of any grade, the categories are just for reference. However if you climb too many outside of your category the judges may bump you up into the higher category.

  • Please record number of tries. This is what counts in a tiebreaker.

  • You can only count a send if you are stood on top of the boulder! (unless the problem doesn’t allow for it…)

  • Dabbing disqualifies a send. Come back down and try again.

  • This comp is peer judged, you need two sets of initials from witnesses to prove you got the send. Volunteers can count for both if there is no one else around.

  • Please do not warm up on a problem that isn’t in your category range. There are many easy routes in the forest that you can warm up on!

  • Please do not try to climb problems that do not have adequate spotters or crash pads.

  • Please generously spot each other and share pads!

  • Please pick up ALL trash.

  • We will be keeping hold of lost items, if you find something that isn’t yours, please hand it in to a volunteer.

  • Please stick to designated trails whilst moving around the forest.

  • Please do not to bring pets to this event. If you absolutely have to please respect the standard rules regarding pets in the forest and keep them on a lead.
  • Plead do not play loud music in the forest, use headphones.


Leave No Trace Rule

Squamish is our home and backyard, a natural beauty we protect and enjoy. At this event, we climbers will demonstrate impeccable stewardship and conservation. We will give each athlete a garbage bag. When you turn in your scorecard at the end of the comp. and show to Rampage Registration Team that you have volunteered to collect your own trash and other people’s trash you saw in the forest, you will be given 5 more raffles to enter the draw prizes as a reward and thank you.


Event Parking & Carpooling


Park at the gravel parking at Squamish Adventure Center 38551 Loggers Lane, Squamish. Carpool to event (5min. drive).

1. Load down all your gear at the comp./meeting location grassfield  (see photo above).

2. Drive to Squamish  Adventure Center (see photo below) to park your cars.


Option 1: Carpool with other participants and pack as many people in the cars as possible.

Option 2: RECOMMENDED: Rampage Shuttle (by donation)

9am-10am shuttling from Squamish Adventure Center to Chief (comp. location)

5pm-7pm shuttling from Chief (comp. location) to Squamish Adventure Center

*Rampage Drivers Arianna, Hanna and Paul will have signs with them so you can look for them easily.

Please refrain from parking at the Stawamus Chief parking as it’s usually fully occupied by hikers already. Same applies to the Malamute parking lot (right across from the Chief parking) and Apron parking lot (the next parking lot north of Chief parking on Hwy 99).

rampage parking



To reward drivers. If you pack a full car (with passengers AND gear) and take a selfie of it. Show it to Registration Team during registration. You get 1 free burger (for the driver)

To give rides or look for rides, use this google list or Facebook page and many other carpooling facebook groups.

Facebook Event Page to chill



Joe Wong gettothechopper@vrcg.ca or 7789997104

Some Squamish Bouldering Videos for your references for now…

Highballs or no Balls from Miles Adamson on Vimeo.

Highball Day – Squamish Bouldering 2013 from The RV Project on Vimeo.

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