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Program Info

Program Info:

Who is this program for?
Our goals
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Program disclaimer
What qualifies as an Award Mentorship?
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RMA (Rockstar Mentorship Award) is a climbing mentorship award project run by VRCG. Our mission is to inspire climbers to become Rockstars and role models in climbing. LIKE our Facebook Page.

Who is this program for?

        1. Experienced climbers (aka. Rockstars) wanting to mentor the future generation and give back to the climbing community.
        2. Less experienced climbers (aka. future Rockstars)looking for help in their climbing and safety skills.

Our goals:

        1. To reward climbers (aka. Rockstars) who have undertaken significant effort to be a role model in the climbing community and mentor other climbers with much generosity and kindness.
        2. To inspire climbers to become Rockstars and make our climbing community a mutual-support circle to support each other to reach their best possible potential in both climbing and any possible personal development through climbing.
        3. To support less experienced climbers to improve their climbing and safety skills, and inspire them to become future Rockstars.

Our current Rockstars


Program Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Risk of climbing, mentorship and death.

RMA is entirely run by volunteers. It is not an ACMG professional guiding service. We cannot completely supervise nor guarantee the quality of the mentors, mentees and mentorship. Participation in the RMA is 100% voluntary. Valid VRCG membership and signing a waiver is required. One should seek legal advice prior to signing the waiver and participating in RMA. Climbing and the RMA involves serious risks of injuries and death.


There are many skills that cannot be safely and proficiently done in a mentorship. The RMA will refer them to ACMG certified guides such as Squamish Rock Guides, Canada West Mountain School, etc.

What qualifies as an Award Mentorship?

Obviously in this world, Climbers mentor anything they want at will. Under this program, only VRCG Approved Mentorship will qualify to achieve the Award!


VRCG review mentorships for safety and mentorship purposes. VRCG may deem some skills to be out of the range of a safe mentorship and recommend the Mentee to seek instructions from ACMG certified guides.

*Being disqualified doesn’t necessarily mean the mentorship is bad. They could just be out of the range of our liability policy and other program logistics.


MInimum Requirements: (exceptions can occur upon approval of VRCG)

        • 3 sessions of mentorship (in 1 year period)


Examples of disqualified mentorships:

        • Teaching top rope anchors to new climbers

        • Guiding a new climber (who does not even know how to rappel) on multi-pitch

        • Teaching a new climber (who does not even know how to lead sport nor has not led anything in their life) how to lead trad and place trad gear


Examples of qualified mentorships:

        • Coaching climbing movement skills

        • Rope-gun a 5.11 climber on a 5.12 climb

        • Coach how to place trad gear more efficiently to a climber (who’s already leading 5.9 trad and wants to progress to 5.10 trad)

What is the award?

An Award Certificate to recognize awesomeness, kindness and generosity and a gift certificate will be issued to the Mentors at the Annual General Meeting of VRCG. If Mentors cannot attend, they can collect them another time.

*In the future if we have sponsorships and more prizes, we will award them too. TBC