How it works?

How it works?

Training Description:

New indoor climbers often get confused and do not know what courses or skills they need to progress to achieve the freedom of the hills. We aim to create a one-stop location of a comprehensive climbing curriculum that trains climbers to progress from indoor to outdoor, from pulling plastics in the gym to crushing rock, snow and ice routes in the mountains and knowing how to care for the environment. Training is run by volunteers with limited spots. Priority will be given to applicants who have future ambitions to volunteer to help out others in VRCG or the climbing community at large. After you complete all the items, contact VRCG to get a ROCKSTAR BATCH as your ROCKSTAR AWARD!

***Rockstar training is not for first time new climbers. You need to be able to consistently top rope 5.9 indoor climbs clean before you apply. If you have never climbed before, please click here for the appropriate pre-training.***

We visualize, through this project, a motivated climber will progress from indoor climbing to crushing classic rock/snow/ice routes such as:
– Ultimate Everything (Squamish) 5.9 A0
– Icy BC (Marble Canyon) WI5
– Yak Peak 5.9 D
– Bugaboos Spire Northeast Ridge 5.8 D-
– Mt. Slesse Northeast Buttress 5.9 TD

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RS consists of 2 components:

One take courses at Rockstar Training and then we provide mentors to match with the prospective Rockstars to refine their skills.

1. Rockstar Training
2. Rockstar Mentorship

1. Rockstar Training

A list of courses for the following items:
– lead belay and falling training (indoor)
– wilderness first aid
– avalanche safety training (AST-1)
– knots, anchor, rappell
– trad climbing
– multi-pitch
– aid climbing
– rope self-rescue
– crevesse rescue
– ice ciimbing training
– trail maintainence volunteering


2. Rockstar Mentorship

VRCG will match you with 1 experienced climber  to mentor climbing and safety skills.

***We are always looking for Mentors? If you can volunteer to be a mentor, contact VRCG***


Photos of Graduates

Joe Smoothie on Deep Throat WI3 (Lillooet, BC)

Joe on Deep Throat WI3 (Lillooet)


Paul Astronaut soloing Loose Lady WI5 (Lillooet, BC)

Paul soloing Loose Lady WI5 (Lillooet)

Joe Smoothie on No Deductible WI5 (Marble Canyon, BC)

Joe on No Deductible WI5 (Marble Canyon)

Rob on Paddle Flake 5.10c (Bugaboos, BC)

Rob on Paddle Flake 5.10c (Bugaboos)

Paul Danger, Renee Furnace & Spicy Hanna sent Mt. Slesse NE Buttress 5.10 TD (Chilliwack, BC) 

Paul, Renee & Hannah sent Mt. Slesse NE Buttress 5.10 TD (Chilliwack)

Sean following Synchronicity WI4 (Lillooet, BC)

Sean following Synchronicity WI4 (Lilloeet)

Ultimate Everything 5.9 A0 (Squamish, BC), photo by Marc Bourdon from Squamish Rock Guide website

Ultimate Everything 5.9 A0 (photo by Marc Bourdonfrom Squamish Rock Guide website)

Commander Marcus sent Bugaboos Spire NE Ridge 5.8 D- (Bugaboos, BC)

Bugaboos Spire NE 5.8 D- (Bugaboos

Summit of Bugaboos NE Ridge 5.8 D- (Bugaboos, BC)

Bugaboos Spire NE 5.8 D- (Bugaboos)


Yak Peak 5.9 D (near Hope, BC)

yak 2

Robert Wild on Yak Peak 5.9 D (near Hope, BC)


Paul Danger belaying on Yak Peak 5.9 D (near Hope, BC)