New Climbers

If you have never climbed before and want to try out climbing, we will generously assist you to try out climbing in a relaxing, non-competitive environment, catering to your comfort level and goal. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to climb 1m or 30m off the group at your first climb. We believe, it’s just a matter of time and the right approach, everyone will fall in love with climbing.  Join our Facebook Page and Group.

How to participate and start climbing?

*Membership and waiver is required prior to participation. Apply HERE.

  • Check out Climbing Calendar and look for events with the title “Beginners-friendly”, which is suitable for first-time-climbers.  You don’t need to come with a climbing partner. *We use to organize our climbing schedule. It’s free to use.
  • Contact that specific trip organizer that you are new so he/she can find you at the event.
  • After the event and you decide you’d like to climb more, take a belay course (i.e. climbing introduction) (What is belay?)
  • Contact us if you have questions.
  •  Join our Facebook Page and Group.


How to go from Indoor to Outdoor Climbing?

More info here.

Useful Information for New Climbers

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