Current Climbers

Clipping bolts, placing nuts, stacking pads, alpine start, snow slogging, hammering ice… we are a group of a diverse set of climbers with many climbing schedules spanning all over the week. ALL OUTDOOR climbs, trips and expeditions are organized through facebook, google spreadsheet, networking face-to-face at the gyms, etc.  Join our Facebook Page and Group.

How to Participate?

*Membership and waiver is required prior to participation. Apply HERE.

Local Vancouverites:

  • Check out the Climbing Calendar, drop in and have fun. You don’t need to come with a climbing partner*
  •  Join our Facebook Page and Group.

*We use to organize our climbing schedule. It’s free to join.

International Climbers:

  •  Join our Facebook Page and Group. Or contact us to let us know you are coming. (when, where and for how long)

Useful Information for Current Climbers

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