Leon Chew

Leon Chew

Hello, I am…

I’m Leon, a KidStart Mentor and graduate student at UBC.

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My Climb and Conquer Story…

My name is Leon and I’ve been attending climb and conquer sessions since its inception in 2011. I first heard about this program through its long standing collaboration with the PLEA KidStart Mentoring Program. I volunteer in this program with Eligio, a youth in my community and together we have had lots of fun with Climb and Conquer. Eligio’s enthusiasm for climbing has even extended to attending the summer/fall camp sessions in which he climbs once a week. By getting more involved with climbing, Eligio has developed a more well-balanced lifestyle and has given him the opportunity to experience success in an activity he excels in. His mother has even commented that without Climb and Conquer Eligio would be at home watching TV, instead he can participate in an activity which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. What has  amazed me most about this program have been the dedication, passion and enthusiasm of Climb and Conquer volunteers who devote countless hours to give these youth a chance to experience this awesome sport. Climb and Conquer as a whole is making a big impact in my community and me and Eligio are glad to be part of this growing program.

–          Eligio Menta and Leon Chew (KidStart Mentoring Program)