Erin P.

Erin P.

 Hello, I am…

Asha and I (Erin: mom) love to camp We love to try new adventures and explore new sights… Usually locally in the beautiful lower mainland or or in bc. We love to bake yummy treats together, and enjoy going to the movies.

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My Climb and Conquer Story…

My daughter Asha and I are active participants in the “Climb and Conquer Program.” This program has been extremely beneficially for both my daughter. It has allowed us time together doing a new activity, good exercise, and the opportunity to learn new skills. Most of all it has enabled me to be able to provide my daughter with the experience of rock climbing. As a single mother, I would not be able to afford to bring my daughter rock climbing. “Climb and Conquer,” has given me the opportunity to give to my child what I could not have given her on my own. My daughter’s self esteem has grown at “Climb and Conquer,” as she has been exposed to rock climbing and has learned new skills such as co-ordination and knowing her boundaries. With each session, Asha has become more confident in her climbing skills and, with the help of the professional climbers assisting her, has been able to push her boundaries and take more risks. I am ever thankful for being able to give my daughter this opportunity. As a mother, I always hope to give my daughter a rich life full of experience. As a single mother, sometimes I feel that I simply cannot due to time and money constraints. This program has given me some confidence in that I can, with the help of programs such as “Climb and Conquer” be able to give my daughter the life and experiences she deserves.