Colin Maishment

Colin Maishment

Hello, I am…

“Colin Maishment started rock climbing in 2006 and managed the Cliffhanger Richmond indoor climbing gym from 2009-2011. He is proud to have hosted some of the earliest C & C sessions in Richmond with Joe and his team of dedicated volunteers. Colin is now an elementary school teacher.”


My Climb and Conquer Story…

Climb and Conquer (C & C) is a volunteer-run sports program in the Greater Vancouver area whose goal is to allow youth access to the amazing sport of rock climbing. C & C achieves its goals by eliminating the three most common barriers to entry into a sport: lack of equipment, experience, and money. The local climbing community helps C & C to eliminate these barriers in three specific ways:

-Climbing gym access and equipment rentals are heavily-subsidized through the generous participation of local climbing gyms, including Cliffhanger, The Hive, and the Richmond Oval
-The experience is provided by volunteers from the local climbing community (under the umbrella of C & C) who volunteer their time and expertise to operate the safety systems for participants. Thanks to these volunteers, there is no climbing experience required to participate in the program
-Funding for the program relies on donations from local businesses, the climbing community, and individual contributors. These donations allow C & C to cover the subsidized cost of gym admissions and to enrol youth in instructional climbing programs at local gyms

The Climb and Conquer program provides a way for youth to challenge themselves physically in a safe and healthy way. It also encourages participants to use physical activity as a constructive way to relieve stress and build confidence.

The program has immense value in a large city like Vancouver where the barriers to entry for sports (equipment, experience, and money) can be prohibitive for families. With your help, C & C can continue enriching young lives by eliminating barriers and creating opportunities for healthy living.
-Colin Maishment
Manager at Cliffhanger Richmond (2009-2011)