Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Hello I am…

Andrew Wilson is the former Climbing Wall Manager at the Richmond Oval. He also has extensive background in coaching children and youth who compete at a national and international level.



First of all, if you could have one special power, what would that be?

To Heal myself and others.


Any nicknames?



How did you hear about Climb and Conquer?



What were you thinking in your mind when you hear the words “Climb and Conquer”?

Using climbing as a metaphor for life’s challenges


What does climbing have to do with kids?

Climbing allows kids to confront fear, find passion, trust and be trusted, learn discipline and become critical thinkers.


There are so many sports out there, why climbing?

Freedom, movement, community, adventure


If a kid wants to start climbing, where to start?

Local climbing gym.


What’s the best age for a kid to start climbing?

9-12 yrs.


What is it about climbing that you enjoy the most?

The mental organization required allows me to become completely absorbed in the activity.


How does climbing make you feel (mentally, physically, spiritually)?

Engaged mentally, exhilarated physically and connected spiritually


Describe a favourite climb.

Any climb with good friends, great weather and interesting movement.


What can you take away from climbing that will be useful elsewhere?

Perseverance, critical thinking, problem solving, acceptance and care for others.