Andrew Coffey

Andrew Coffey

Hello I am…

Everybody in the climbing community knows Andrew Coffey. He’s the owner of the Hive climbing centre, the biggest bouldering gym in Western Canada. He has a big passion for the community and is a huge supporter for Climb and Conquer!

Andrew is not only a great climber, but also a DJ ninja. It's such a treat to be able to climb at a gym with live DJ on site. Andrew handing out awards at the Tour de Bloc comp. at the Hive

Andrew (far left) participated in the Hive's TNT comp. 2013.



First of all, if you could have one special power, what would that be?

Special Power : I would want to have a GRAVITY DIAL… that way I could free solo anything and float to the ground safely.

Any nicknames?

Coffey – my last name.


How did you hear about Climb and Conquer?

Joe Wong came into the gym and told me about it!


What were you thinking in your mind when you hear the words “Climb and Conquer”?

I thought – that’s what we do – we climb and conquer – but on a deeper level – the rock always wins.


What do you do at a typical Climb and Conquer session?

Typically, I say hello to the folks and enjoy watching them climb – occasionally I get to climb at the same time with them.


First time climbing, how does that feel?

Nope – but I love it anyway!


What does climbing have to do with kids?

Kids are the future of climbing – and they are naturals –you’re never too young to start climbing.


There are so many sports out there, why climbing?

I like to consider climbing as a pastime instead of a sport; there are no winners (the rock always wins), you can succeed and overcome challenges through skill, strength, and perserverance. It challenges each of us on a physical and mental level – and leads to personal and social development.


If a kid wants to start climbing, where to start?

The Hive and Climb and Conquer of course!


What’s the best age for a kid to start climbing?

You’re never to young to start climbing – as soon as you can grab something, you can start holding onto the holds.


What is it about climbing that you enjoy the most?

My favourite thing about climbing is how it forces you to live in the moment, if you lose this concentration you will likely fall. It also encourages you to be aware of your surroundings and asks you to take command of your body. It is very much like dancing, which I also love, and my absolute favourite thing is taking a moment at a belay stance on a multipitch and just looking around, savouring the surroundings and the challenge it took to get there – it brings peace, serenity and an appreciation of life and our connection to the natural world.


How does climbing make you feel (mentally, physically, spiritually)?

Mentally – cliimbing makes me feel calm and relaxed, centred and balanced. Physically – it’s a great work out and I always come home feeling as though I have accomplished something. Spiritually – I don’t know where I would be without climbing – it brings me peace.


Why do you think climbing makes you feel this way?

I think climbing engages both the mind and body, and when experienced outdoors, brings us in touch with the wonders of nature. It gives perspective, and focuses our often distracted minds.


Why is climbing important (or not important)?

Climbing is important to me because it offers the opportunity to continually challenge myself; the successes are rewarding and the failures are humbling and motivating. It is important because in our modern world there are very few activities which put us right on the edge of our abilities and attention – commanding our full commitment and skill – with very real consequences. It is an adventure!


Describe a favorite climb.

My favourite climb would have to be any climb in which I feel challenged but competent, and am able to share these challenges with someone who is equally challenged. Ideally, a multi-pitch route with some fine stances to enjoy a moment up above the world looking back at where we came from.


What can you take away from climbing that will be useful elsewhere?

Climbing teaches us so many things – problem solving, balance and coordination, physical mastery and mental fortitude, patience, practice and peacefulness… but most of all, the importance of being present.


Do you have any climbing related goals? If so, what are they; if not, why not?

My current climbing goals are simply to get outside more often and try new climbs. I’ve been waylaid by injuries and business matters for a while, and I no longer climb as hard as I used to, or feel as confident as I once did – so my goal is get back closer to where I was, while staying healthy and injury free.


When you hear “Climbing changes my life”, does it apply to you? Explain.

Definitely – I had a taste of climbing when I was a kid at summer camp, but didn’t really get into it until after university – at that time it gave me a sense of direction: I ended up working in Adventure Programming – teaching climbing, working on ropes courses and facilitating teambuilding activities. I had played competitive sports all through childhood, but this peters out as you grow older and climbing offered a way to stay active, enjoy some phenomenal natural environments, and kept me sane! I don’t know where I’d be without it!


What do you want to see in the future of Climb and Conquer?

Bigger and better! It’s a fantastic program – I hope it continues to succeed in sharing climbing to those who might not have the opportunity without it. You have our full support Climb and Conquer! Keep up the excellent work!


Thank you v. much for your support for Climb and Conquer!

You’re welcome! Thank you Joe! You are an inspiration to us all!


Andrew Coffey

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