Andrea Lobo

Andrea Lobo

Hello I am…

Andrea is a big sister who volunteers her precious time and brought her little sister to the Climb and Conquer drop-in sessions. She has always been a huge supporter of and believe in the power of Climb and Conquer!

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My Climb and Conquer Story…

I want to  express my sincere support for the Climb and Conquer program and the work that they do in our community, reaching out to countless kids.
As a member of Big Sisters, I’ve found the program to be a great help in planning outings with my Little Sister, Camila. She really looks forward to our monthly climbing expeditions at Cliffhanger, and I know that if the opportunity was available to her to climb outdoors with experienced volunteers, she’d absolutely jump at it.

This type of climbing program is very rare in Vancouver, and utilizing volunteers as climbing mentors keeps the costs down, while the output generated by keeping kids active and engaged, is priceless.
I trust that if there is any more information that you require that you will contact me via the Climb and Conquer team.


Sincerely yours,
Andrea Lobo