COMMUNITY PARTNERS: how to participate?

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: how to participate?

Program Description

Climb and Conquer, first of its kind in Metro Vancouver

Our MISSION is to support youth (age 4-18) from disadvantaged backgrounds to build healthy self-esteem and relationships through rock climbing and caring mentorships. We run 2 programs:

1. 3 Monthly Climbing Drop-ins (Vancouver, Richmond and Coquitlam) where volunteers teach youth (and their parents) in climbing and mentor them in healthy exercise habit and skills with relationship, problem solving, stress management and team-building. Admissions range from $5-12. (Full subsidy for participants in financial needs or by referral). No prior climbing experiences nor gear needed.

2. Financial Subsidy. We subsidize passes, memberships, youth programs, camps, etc. to make sure families can access CNC programs despite financial or other disadvantaged barriers.

As of April 2014, $10,563  have been spent on participants. Hear from one of our participants. Program Brochure Video For current news and sessions, go to Facebook Contact: Joe Wong 7789997104

Referral of KIDS

We accept BOTH direction applications from parents/kids AND referrals from agencies. Admissions/session range from $5-12 with full subsidy for participants in financial needs or by referral. Currently, we have referrals from Big Brothers, Big Sisters, PLEA Kidstart, school board counsellors, social workers, etc. If you know any kids who are experiencing financial hardships and/or would benefit from this program, please contact Joe 778.999.7104. Program Brochure.

FULL SUBSIDY is available if the youth meet the following criteria:

  • You meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • You are a resident in Metro Vancouver
    • You are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • You meet ANY ONE of the following requirements:
    • You are a youth in care under the Ministry of Children and Family
    • You are referred by a professional (e.g. social worker, counsellor, teacher, principal, etc.) who can verify you will benefit from this program
    • Your total family income is at or below the following income amounts, before tax, for the number of family members in your household

FULL SUBSIDY is NOT available if:

  • You are an immigrant classified as an investor or entrepreneur
  • You are on a temporary permit (such as study or work permits)


Donation to this program:

Donations are used to pay for courses, memberships, camps, etc.  As of April 2014, $10,563 has been spent on participants. Donate HERE.


Program Updates, Questions & Contacts?

Joe Wong 778.999.7104 ALL program updates are on Facebook page.