Risks of Climbing

Risks of Climbing


Photo from http://sykose.com/2013/07/03/man-hurt-in-canada-day-rock-climbing-mishap/

Safety, Liability and Waiver*

Climbing is dangerous and has risks of injuries, death, loss of properties, etc. to yourself and others which can’t be eliminated (and certainty they have happened!!!). Everyone is expected to be responsible for their own individual safety. Membership and signing a waiver is required prior to participation. Participation is voluntary and entirely at one’ s own risks. We recommend you seek independent legal advice before signing the waiver and participation at VRCG.


What is the Role of a Trip Leader*

Trip Leaders are regular members and unpaid volunteers and NOT professional adventure guides. Their role is NOT to instruct or safeguard participants’ safety.

If you are seeking professional instruction or guiding, please go to the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

*Some of our Climbing Events are instructional in nature such as beginners-friendly outdoor top-roping, top-rope anchor training, snow travel practice, etc. Instructors are regular members who are experienced climbers and carefully selected by the VRCG team. They might or might not have ACMG certifications. They volunteer their time and skills out of good will. Participants should understand this. Participation is voluntary and entirely at one’ s own risks.