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“Connect climbers local and worldwide to build climbing community and friendship; and to inspire climbers to use climbing to benefit the world.” – Wong (Founder)


Hello climbers in Vancouver!

*If you have never climbed before, message us and let us help you*

Finding climbing and adventure partners has never been easier with bouldering only gyms like Hive Vancouver, Hive North Vancouver, Project Cloverdale; and many other gyms that have both bouldering, auto-belayers and route climbing such as Vancouver Cliffhanger, Coquitlam Base5…

On top of this, you can join mountain clubs (mountaineering, climbing, scrambling, skiing, hiking) such as:
– BC Mountineering Club www.bcmc.ca
– Alpine Club Canada Vancouver section www.accvancouver.ca
– UBC Varsity Outdoor Club www.ubc-voc.com
– North Shore Hikers www.northshorehikers.org

We VRCG run in a different style from other clubs (our friends) and we run only once a month educational social and our indoor/outdoor trips are driven by members through www.facebook.com/groups/vrcg.ca (FREE TO JOIN) and www.meetup.com/climbing (FREE TO JOIN). For safety and climbing instructions, we have our in house ACMG guide Brent Nixon @ www.vanmtnguides.com instead of volunteer-guided courses with unknown qualities (members get 20% off).

Our main focus is climbers advocacy and negotiate with govt and other NGOs to advance and protect climbers’ interests. Become a member today and be an agent of change @ www.vrcg.ca

🙂 Hope to see you soon. Climbers are all one big family regardless of clubs and gyms.


About VRCG & Current Activities:


VRCG is a registered not-for-profit (100% volunteer run) and focuses on priorities & challenges pressing our Vancouver and Squamish climbing world and service climbers and support other clubs and groups in 4 aspects:

– Friendships building
– Best Climbers’ Practice & Stewardship
– Increase Safety in climbing
– Charity through climbing

Our current activities include:
1. Find climbing partner service @
2. once a month educational social
3. our in house ACMG guide Brent Nixon teaching safety and climbing courses @ www.vanmtnguides.com
4. community projects, forums and conferences to support access and advocate for climbers


We have a strong charity focus to use climbing to benefit the world:
1. we founded and run the annual Squamish Rampage charity festival usually in August.

2. we founded and operate Climb and Conquer, a project using rock climbing and mentorship to support youth from under resource backgrounds.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/vrcg.ca
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/vrcg.ca
Twitter: www.twitter.com/VRCGca
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vrcg.ca/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/vrcgca

– Joseph Wong (Founder)


Our Mission:

1. Connect climbers local and worldwide to build climbing community and friendship.

2. Introduce climbing to prospective climbers.

3. Train climbers to be safer and stronger.

4. Mobilize climbers to protect climbing access and the environment.

5. Advocate Best Climber’s Practice and Stewardship and support local climber’s access societies.

5. Run charity projects to benefit the community. (Check out our community projects)




Our 9 Operating Values:

OUR family is YOUR family; Befriend & Approach others instead of waiting for others to approach you.
No matter you are from Vancouver or from overseas, welcome to your global climbing family 🙂 Our members are from all over the world with vastly different backgrounds and climbing abilities but they share one thing in common: passion for climbing, kindness, curiosity and generosity for new people and being EPIC!

– Climber’s Self-responsibility and Best Practices
We believe in leadership and responsibility in both group and individual level to protect climbing access and the environment. We advocate all climbers to have active memberships with their local climber’s access societies and engage in Best Practices in stewardship.

We acknowledge that climbing is dangerous and people can and have died (we have seen it in person). Safety is TOP PRIORITY anytime. We might not climb the hardest routes, but we strive to be the safest climbers. We believe in increasing climbing safety through professional instructions from certified ACMG guides instead of volunteers of unknown qualities.

Mutual Help, Mentorship, Thankfulness and Charity
Once upon a time, we’ve been helped in our climbing journey and we believe in being thankful and giving back; supporting one another to achieve their best potentials. We believe in using our climbing skills, passion and experience for charity projects to benefit our climbing and non-climbing community.

Openness and Friendliness
Enjoy meeting new people, making new friends, open to new ideas/techniques, updating expired techniques, learning and trying out new experiences. Open to improve upon feedback, suggestions and legitimate criticism.

Equality and Respect
Everyone is treated with respect equally no matter they are first-timers, 5.12 onsight climbers, alpine climbers, mountaineers, locals or travelers, gender, etc. Exercise good climbing etiquette. Respect local climbing cultures and the nature.

Fairness and Transparency
We encourage/accept feedback, suggestions and complaints from our members and the larger community and make decisions in an open, fair manner.

Quality over Quantity
We focus on quality, safety and doing things right and epic and generating great memories over quantity of meetups/members and showing numbers on the book.

Teamwork and Cooperation with other clubs
We promote team-work with other groups in the community to serve climbers and fill in service gaps and avoid vicious competitions and duplicating existing services. We see the climbing community as one family instead of individuals segregated by this or that club.



Our Trip Leaders:

Trip Leaders are regular members and unpaid volunteers and NOT professional adventure guides. Their role is NOT to instruct or safeguard participants’ safety.

For safety and climbing instructions, we have our in house ACMG guide Brent Nixon @ www.vanmtnguides.com instead of volunteer-guided courses with unknown qualities.



Photo from http://sykose.com/2013/07/03/man-hurt-in-canada-day-rock-climbing-mishap/


Safety, Liability and Waiver*

Climbing is dangerous and has risks of injuries, death, loss of properties, etc. to yourself and others which can’t be eliminated (and certainty they have happened!!!). Everyone is expected to be responsible for their own individual safety. Membership and signing a waiver is required prior to participation. Participation is voluntary and entirely at one’ s own risks. We recommend you seek independent legal advice before signing the waiver and participation at VRCG.




Our Role

We believe in one big global climbing family. We are a complementing and supporting partner of other existing outdoor groups and we actively encourage our members to join established groups such as Alpine Club of Canada, BC Mountaineering Club, UBC VOC, Clubtread, Climbfind, Squamishclimbing.com, etc. to maximize their climbing experience.



Group Anthem

Our group’s anthem proudly presented by Captain Kirk *members are recommended to memorize this into their hearts.