Volunteer for VRCG summer projects this summer!

🙂 Hope this e-mail finds you well.
On behalf of VRCG, I warmly welcome you and hope you have a great experience climbing with us or finding lots of climbing partners through us.
9 years ago when I was 25, I started VRCG in my spare time to help myself find climbing partners as I want to climb 7 days a week. Shortly after I gained so many climbing partners and I’m good for life and ready to quit.
Seeing that VRCG has benefited so many people around and beyond me is what motivated me to keep VRCG running as a volunteer-powered not for profit society.
In the past 9 years, I did my best to make VRCG a welcoming platform for maximum climbing, friendships and experience of their lifetime for both local Vancouverites and international travellers.
9 years is a long time and life really does get busier as you get older with work and other things.
I’m very thankful for all the individuals who volunteer their time, effort and funds in many different ways.
Many people have said Vancouver is a hard place to make friends, not because people are busy, but a lack of generosity, kindness and curiosity. It’s inspiring to meet all these individuals stepping up to give back. They are the community builders.

This summer, same as past summers, we are looking for volunteers for our 3 projects. Volunteering is a great way to learn more about Squamish climbing, make great friends and create lifetime memories.
1.  Outdoor Weekend Camps for At-risk Youth.
Camp video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iapK1rdswm0
We are looking for 2 types of volunteers:
– Hiking Leader
You come up on Sat and lead a hike for a few hours.
– Camp Youth Leader
You lead a group of youth for the whole weekend (Friday 6pm – Sunday 5pm)
All volunteers will be provided with food, camping accommodation and we will reimburse gas for your vehicle.
You can pick one of multiple camps from below
  • June 30-July 2
  • July 7-9
  • July 14-16
  • July 21-23
  • July 28-30
  • August 4-6
  • August 18-20
  • August 25-27
2. Saturday Cragkeeper Leader
We are currently scrubbing Commonwealth Wall at Murrin Park every Saturday 10am-12noon. We are looking for volunteers to lead the event.
The events are posted on here:
www.facebook.com/vrcg.ca/events/All tools and ropes will be provided.

3. Squamish Rampage International Bouldering & Acroyoga Festival Volunteers August 12 Saturday.

We are looking for volunteers:
– DJ
– bouldering tour guides
– set up
– registration
Food and camping accommodation will be provided for volunteers.
If you or you know anyone who can volunteer in any of these roles, please kindly let me know. If you have any suggestions for VRCG, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.

Joseph Wong


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