2018 VRCG Family Update.

“Hi Friends and Fam 🙂

I hope this message finds you well!

As you know, since 2017, we scaled down all VRCG programs down to only our summer SQUAMISH RAMPAGE festival and our registered charity Climb and Conquer (based on our survey of community service needs and our volunteers capacity).

I haven’t been climbing much due to work and mountain biking. In recent months, I have bumped into many old VRCG friends: some are still climbing and some aren’t climbing but crushing in other endeavors. One thing in common are the beautiful memories, moments and adventures we all shared in the past.

I’m thinking about re-initiate an annual reunion dinner for everyone to meet up with old friends and feel free to bring any significant others and friends. Meeting new friends on a daily basis is really the spirit deep in us all at VRCG.

Before going ahead, I’m trying to survey your opinion as you are a very important milestone and pillar at VRCG!

I’m thinking about a date before mid-June (as that’s the financial year end of VRCG), something like March, April or May when it rains the most.

🙂 Look forward to hearing from you.

– Joe Wong”

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