VRCG 2015 Review

Dear Friends & Fam with much love!

Thank you all you Members, Volunteer Leaders & secret Angels for this incredible 2015. I’m extremely grateful to report that, because of you guys, VRCG is not only same as day one with the same mission but doing better and better to realize our dream to connect climbers to build climbing community and friendship WORLDWIDE. The following is a brief 2015 review. Despite my best attempt and memory, I’m sure I’d miss thanking many many people and forget some epic moments. Apology in advance! And wish you all and your loved ones an even more EPIC 2016!

2015 is a breakthrough year. First & foremost, we consolidated our priorities. Instead of over-extending ourselves to do many many projects/missions, we focus on one original mission: SOCIAL, building incredible community & friendships; and we extend that beyond Vancouver to WORLDWIDE. We expanded our leadership system (vrcg.ca/team) to increase climbing/social events. We refined our training (vrcg.ca/rockstar) to make it more powerful and effective. We had success in our 2 charity projects: Squamish Rampage (squamishrampage.ca) & Climb and Conquer (climbnonquer.ca).2016 will be super exciting & we’ll see how all these plans play out.

I’m extremely happy to see how this 1-person-project transformed to a community with multiple leaders with diverse talents, personalities and passions. Strength lies in an authentic caring community. VRCG started in 2008 with the goal to provide a supportive platform where respect and amazing character are the basis of friendships (vs. how hard I or you climb). Thank you you for sharing our passion and realize this dream into this sweet reality and community!



As always, we climb & camp almost every summer weekend in Squamish. We climb indoor weekly and have dinner after. We started monthly pot-luck & climbing. We ice climb and rock climb in winter. We also had a ladies-climbing chapter led by Arianna and Allison and a LGBT-climbing chapter led by Jennifer.

Camping & BBQ at Squamish

Hun’s B-day dinner

Party & Climbing at Keith’s place

Dinner after Squamish climbing

Dinner after climbing at Richmond Oval

Dinner after indoor climbing

Happy times in Squamish!

Dinner after Squamish climbing

Dinner after Squamish climbing

Monthly social & pot-luck @ Hive



Danny’s birthday celebration


Vantage trip led by Daphne


Climbing @ Vantage, Washington

Climbing @ Vantage, Washington

Meeting Adam Ondra in VIMFF

Meeting Sonnie Trotter at VIMFF

Meeting Adam Ondra at VIMFF

Meeting Sonnie Trotter at VIMFF


Dinner after copper cove trip led by Salvador


Dinner after copper cove trip led by Salvador



We operated 2015 Rockstar training (vrcg.ca/rockstar); and trained 34 members over 16 ice climbing days and trained 31 members over 13 rock climbing days. After that, we revamped the program for 2016 (Dec 2016 – Sep 2017) and we shifted focus from providing training to training leaders to be future leaders in their community (aka. teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish).


Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training with UBCVOC @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Ice climbing training @ Marble Canyon

Multi-pitch training @ Squamish

Multi-pitch training @ Squamish

Trad & Aid Climbing training @ Squamish

Top rope anchor training @ Squamish



This year, we partnered a few times with Squamish Access Society to improve trails and this will be an on-going projects for future years.


Improving trails at Murrin Park

Improving trails at Murrin Park



We launched our trial project to have a 24/7 clubhouse with climbing and acroyoga which lasted only for a few months due to funding and space use challenges. We have witnessed the huge potential and capacity in community building; and we will def. revive this project when future opportunities arise.


Salvador volunteers precious time and skills to build the climbing walls at BLOC22

Party @ BLOC22

Acroyoga @ BLOC22

Party @ BLOC22




Community and charity is at our hearts since day one. We love climbing and we also want to use our climbing skills and passion to make a positive impact in our community. Currently we have 2 on-going projects: 1. Squamish Rampage bouldering comp which raises $ for charities (squamishrampage.ca) & 2. Climb and Conquer which provides at-risk youth with caring mentorship, climbing and financial subsidy for exercise programs (climbnconquer.ca).



It’s our 2nd year to test run this trial project & fundrasier. This year, we partnered with Slacklife BC and Flow Acroyoga to become a bigger Squamish Uprising Festival. This year, we have success and managed to raise $ for Climb and Conquer and Squamish Access Society. In 2016, we plan to make it a weekend festival to make it even more fun and epic!


Squamish Rampage 2015 posterSquamish Uprising posterRampage volunteers: altogether 35 climbers11880436_720042711452453_4760705273364752949_nShoe demos and other community partners at RampageAthlete competing in Squamish jump start V5Acroyoga at RampageGroup photo of everyone

Winners in Womens Open

Winners in Mens Open



Same as day one, our project is fully volunteer-run with the laptop as our office. Earlier this year, we launched a trial project “Rockstar 1-1 Mentorship” where we carefully match 1 Volunteer Mentor with 1 Youth to support them with climbing and mentorship once a week over a 6 months period. Currently, we have over 20 matches in various gyms and this is now our major program, along with our monthly pot-luck and financial subsidy for exercise programs. In 2016, we want to launch another project in a style of an on-going Youth Group to focus even more on the idea of empowerment, leadership training and community building. Through our experience, we realize the biggest benefit to youth is to train and inspire them to take solid leadership with their lives and to be able to build a solid, supportive community around them.


Training youth to be future leaders and rockstars since 2011

Climb and Conquer monthly pot luck and climbing @ Hive

Climb and Conquer summer outdoor camps @ Squamish

Teaching youth healthy cooking @ Climb and Conquer summer outdoor camps @ Squamish

Helping youth to try out climbing shoes @ Climb and Conquer summer outdoor camps @ Squamish

Volunteers recruiting volunteers in the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival




Many individuals generously donated time, effort and talents to make everything above from ideas to reality. First and foremost, thanks to our 3 Directors of Operations: Daphne Huang, Danika Gomez and James Lin who manage our weekly indoor climbing & social events, our backbone of events, where people make new climbing partners.

Thanks to our solid team of Climbing Leaders:

Adrian Lazar
Allison Merz
Ben Tannenbaum
Boris Lau
Bryan Senger
Christine Rennie
Cindy Gu
Claire Ernst
Daniel Bliss
Danika Gomez
Danny Martin
Daphne Huang
Fan Huang
Jaime Adams
James Lin
Jason Pon
Jennifer Yip
Jimmy Choo
Joseph Wong
Josh Adam
Justin Chan
Justin Hall
Justina Yang
Kartt Gopinath
Laurie Nguyen
Lynn Thorsell
Marcus Tomlinson
Mattie Brennan
Raz Peel
Richard Sutton
Rodolphe Destombes
Russell Mayne
Tina Taghaddosi


Next, thanks to our Board Directors: Danny Martin and Marcus Tomlinson; and Justin Chan (Membership Director & Ultimate VIP) who are involved in all operations’ planning and advisory. Then, thanks to Hun Wynn (VIP & Secret Agent) who co-runs Rockstar training and advises on many projects. Next are 2 geniuses who are always behind the scene: Anders Ourom (Advisor) and Leo Scieska (IT Director).

Next, thanks to our partners:

Hive Climbing Centre
ClimbBase5 Climbing Gym 
Cliffhanger Climbing Gym
Richmond Oval
Coastal Climbing Centre
BLICARD Industries
Black Diamond
Clif Bar

The following is a highlight of a few notable individuals. Apology in advance if I miss anyone 🙂

Hun lives in Bellingham and climbs with us weekly. He volunteers immense time, effort and knowledge in all our climbings trips and Rockstar Training! Without him, ROCKSTAR won’t be possible.


Anders is a chief advisor to VRCG, always providing vital help behind the scene


Allison kick started and co-hosted the ladies-climbing chapter.


Renee (left), Arianna (right). Rene is a huge volunteer behind many projects and climbing trips. Arianna kick started and co-hosted the ladies-climbing chapter.


Jennifer kick started and hosted the LGBT-climbing chapter.


Leo (right) and his fiancée Lynn (left). Leo is our IT Director and graphic designer for many many shirts and logos.


Hanna from England (left) & Paul from Austria (right) visited us and volunteered with us to teach other climbers.

Mila (left) and Miguel (right) visited us from Spain and later on volunteered with our projects.

Daphne (left) and Korianna (right) run the Vancouver meetups. Daphne is the Director of Vancouver Operations. https://vrcg.ca/daphne/

Roberto from Brazil visited Vancouver. He climbed with us and later on started his climbing group back in Brazil inspiring the future climbing generations.

Salvador invested his time to re-open, re-scrub and open new lines in local copper cove crags and brought many new climbers to experience outdoor climbing!

Justin Chan is our Membership Director and VIP to the max in all operations.

Danny is our Director and involved in all projects’ planning and supervision.

Jonas, aka DBK, a huge volunteer behind VRCG and CNC

Danika and James are our Director of Coquitlam Operations. They have built up a close family in Base5 location.

Marcus is our Director and involved in all projects’ planning and supervision.

Jimmy is the Program Coordinator at Climb and Conquer project.

daniel bliss

Daniel is one of our Climbing Leaders and at the same time runs a local climbing gear business with proceeds donating to our charity projects.

Wish everyone a happy new year and success in 2016!

Joe Wong, Founder

Dec 30, 2015


Joe is a Director with Danny and Marcus and they plan VRCG together.


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