VRCG 2014 review.

Dear Family, Friends and Significant Others with much love.

Thank you all our members, Exec. Team, Trip Leaders and volunteers for the wonderful 2014.This is a very brief capture of 2014. It’s impossible to capture everything and there are so many people we want to thank! I surely would have missed many details 🙂 Apology in advance!

We ended 2013 with an ice climbing party…



2014 started as always with a lot of ice climbing instructional trainings, trips, multi-pitches and quality times in the motels.

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VRCG-ers climb all year round in Squamisth regardless of conditions and never stop. Our first official rock climbing meetup was Jan 25.

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In Februrary at the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival, our legendary Team crossed path and met with the legendary Sasha Diguilian.

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At VRCG, we are committed to train members to constantly upgrade their climbing and safety skills to tackle bigger objectives. As always, we started our instructional outdoor climbing meetups starting in July.

In June, Raz generously helped us and teached an outdoor anchor building course despite the stormy weather.




Later on, we dreamed and created a revolutionary training project called Rockstar Training. Basically we created a comprehensive lists of courses, mentoring and meetups utilizing professional ACMG guides, experienced climbers and mentors to train our members. Our vision is simple: to provide a one-stop location to systematically train an indoor beginner to tackle big alpine objectives. We figure with this setup, beginners can have a clear view of what skills they need and they won’t get confused and overwhelmed by what they don’t know.




Adventure & Expeditions 

VRCG-ers went on climbing trips such as Sleese, Skaha, Vantage, Red Rock, Smith Rock, Indian Creek, etc.

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At VRCG, we love climbing but we also want to benefit the larger community outside of climbing. In March and May, VRCG-ers  volunteered  for the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society to clean up invasive plants at Lighthouse Park.

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In March, Rosemarie and her friends generously donated their time and helped us organize a fundraising comp. to raise $ and awareness for our in house charity Climb and Conquer.



VRCG-ers volunteering at Climb and Conquer

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In August, we finally realized our dream of creating the first ever outdoor bouldering comp + fundraiser for Climb and Conquer (not counting the Petzl rock trip in the past). This event is made possible by 30+ brothers and sisters for all their time and effort! The first annual SQUAMISH RAMPAGE.

ram2 ram3 ram4 ram5 rampage1

In our annual Christmas climbing fundraiser, we raise $ and awareness for Escalando Fronteras, a climbing charity based in Mexico who are supporting youth with climbing and therapy to counter all the drag trade, gang wars and poverty problems in Monterey.


Party, Social, Community Building…

In terms of social and party, we want to thank Christine, Keith, Kartt, Danger, Arianna for opening up their homes for the most epic house parties!!! Good times also in all the climbing gyms parties and millions other socials in other locations. We really believe in building up a community of awesome individuals.

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Then, later on, we decided to boldly kickstart the VRCG HOME clubhouse (24/7 access) project to further our mission to connect climbers, build community and love and share resources and happiness. Hopefully it will realize in Feb 2015.

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By the end of 2014, as always, we are ice climbing again… and Christmas Eve’s party with all the brothers and sisters!

ice 1 ice 2


Then tonight, New Year’s Eve party: Indian Food!!!


VIP of 2014

We have to thank so many people who have devoted significant time and effort in making this VRCG operation possible, not to mention running it so smoothly and fabulously! We will briefly list a few VIPs here in rando orders to thank them and we apologize in advance for missing many many angels!!! VRCG requires a whole awesome community to thrive and benefit!

Paul Astronaut

On top of leading many rock and ice trips, Paul is a chief advisor (and exec: VIP)behind the scene. He also generously offer off precious spaces in his home for the VRCG office and club gear storage.

Paul paul2

Justin B Chan

JB designs and runs the membership system, database, payment, etc. He helps VRCG upgrade from the primitive informal meetup membership system to now a real formal membership system. And he’s an exec. (membership officer) and offers much advice!


Danny Beast Martin

Danny is the powerhouse and explosion behind all original ideas/dreams in VRCG. He’s always the driving force to push dreams into reality. He’s one of the directors of VRCG and also runs a lot of instructional meetups teaching new climbers efficient climbing movements.


Aggy Li

Aggy has made significant contribution to VRCG and CNC. She has put in enormous time in helping CNC register as a charity and a lot of the backend admin stuff behind VRCG and CNC; and many charity projects. She’s a retired director of CNC.


Marcus the Commander

Marcus is the Voice of Reason, supervising the many bunch of kids in VRCG. He provides maturity and sound counsel to where and when it’s lacking. He also helps lead many outdoor trips! He’s one of the directors in VRCG.


Anders Ourom

Anders has volunteered much expertise, time and effort for VRCG and CNC. He helps CNC get registered as a registered charity. He also offers counsel on how to operate a Society. He’s the genius behind the scene, oftentimes go under the radar.


Leo Genius

Leo is a long term VRCG-er and he’s in charge of making and maintaining both VRCG and CNC websites, logo designs and many many other branding and marketing solutions.



Keith Dawesome

Keith helps out in the outdoor intro courses and warms up on 5.11s and he always generously opens up his home with a bouldering wall for house party and social purposes. A very nice gentleman.


Hi-Tec Hun

Hi-Tec is our dear American Rep., who’s in charge of many many online orders, shipping and storage of club gear. Our international trade expert and American climbing guide.


Arianna Smile

Arianna kickstarted the women-bouldering chapter and meetup this year, helping many ladies discover wonderful climbing. She also helps out a lot in many aspects of VRCG. She’s our expert whenever there are any questions related to ladies.


Richard Sutton

Richard has been a powerhouse behind CNC operations. He’s also one of the directors at CNC. He’s also giving great advice and support in everything! (Photo: Joe & Richard)


Paul Danger the Austrian

Paul has been a leader and pioneer in our almost every weekend outdoor climbing/camping trip in all conditions. He makes sure VRCG always has an adventure every week. (Photo: Hanna & Danger)



Spicy Hanna

Spicy is a partner in crime with Danger. She hosts indoor meetups and assisted Danger in organizing all the fantastic VRCG weekend adventure!




Lucas is extremely good looking and has a British ascent. He’s known for being the Squamish Rampage comp. chief director. He has contributed so much to CNC I couldn’t count them all. (Photo: Lucas & Lizzy)


Rodolphe & Aimee

Rodolphe & Aimee has co-hosted the Vancouver Cliffhanger meetup bi-weekly for the whole year! Both of them are huge supporters of VRCG and CNC. Rodolphe is one of the directors of CNC.

aimee rod

Danika &  James

Danika &  James re-vitalized our Coquitlam meetups and dinners, helping tons of people connect, make friends, enjoy life… inspired by their passion of life and kindness.

danika \

photo: left to right: Danika, Hanna, Boris, James, Matt


Edison Wong

Edison has devoted significant time in helping out CNC operations. He offers help and advice whenever you need it. Super awesome!



Michael Bajkor

Mike designs the CNC fingerboard to help us fundraise $ to benefit more youth. He has contributed much expertise, time and labour with lots of love and charity! Sorry ladies, he’s taken by a v. gorgeous lady already!


Dyno Daniel 

Dan is super busy with his new start up Blicard selling genius climbing gear. At the same time, he always sponsors VRCG and CNC in many ways and helps out.


Robert Wild

Robert, during his brief travel/stay in Vancouver, has contributed much to VRCG and CNC operations. He offers his precious time to help out whenever he can in trips and events.


Tiffany Picard

Tiff helps out a lot in CNC and many of the poster designs, a key backend logistics link in VRCG and CNC 🙂



Joe founded VRCG and is basically constantly dreaming up ideas and recruit the above amazing individuals and many others to turn the dreams into reality, and takes care of the many admin tasks.



2014 is an incredible journey. Countless people to thank. Countless angels. Everybody! Best Wishes. Do even better in 2015! BE EPIC!

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